GLOBALGAP’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Standard was introduced by FoodPLUS GmbH, a derivative of GLOBALGAP, to raise standards in the production of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is internationally recognised by European retailers. Certification to the Standard ensures a level playing field in terms of food safety and quality, and proves that growers are prepared to constantly improve systems to raise standards.

GLOBALGAP (formerly EUREPGAP) was set up by the German-based company EHI and is made up of leading European food retailers. With a membership of over 500 companies, GLOBALGAP is committed to creating international standards for agriculture.

SAI Global/EFSIS was approached by FoodPLUS at the Standard’s initial stages of development, to help build a protocol for future standards and to certify inspections.
SAI Global/EFSIS can offer certification against the Standard, giving both existing and new customers the opportunity to demonstrate best practice to the rest of the supply chain.