The purpose of the GMA-SAFE audit is to provide a narrative assessment report that would allow the customer to take a ‘virtual tour’ of a supplier facility. GMA-SAFE has been performing this service since 2001 both in North America and globally and has performed close to 6,000 audits since its inception. The program offers seven different assessments: Food Protection, Food Protection- Express, Aseptic, Dairy, Spice, Packaging, and Warehouse/Distribution.  GMA-SAFE has been utilized around the world to provide information to large multi-national customers about their supplier base.

In June of 2008, the GMA-SAFE program was acquired by SAI Global (known as QMI-SAI Global in North America). We have strived to maintain its original vision of being the information source to the food industry by providing a high level of service to our customers requesting GMA-SAFE assessments.
We have identified some changes which have been completed or may be in process of completion to improve the GMA-SAFE process and reporting.

Scheduling of Audits
We have changed from an on-line bidding system to a personalized scheduling system. This system will help us align your facility with auditors that have adequate background experience, competencies and education. This should also help us meet audit date requests from the customer more often as well as minimize auditor costs as much as possible.